Selective Financial Services provides funding for projects and finance for business expansion and high yielding private placements.
Our special focus is on the sustainable green energy market. Our financial strategies team structures finance for solar, photovoltaic and wind energy parks and more. Independent from banks, we do avail alternative ways of finance through our investors, or by leasing credit enhancement instruments to you. We provide Bank Guarantees and SBLCs or Standby Letters of Credit issued by major world banks for enhancement, confirmed by prime banks via SWIFT MT 760. We even finance investors with direct contact to a trader and access to TIR1 platform. HYI private placement trading programs are funded through reserved and blocked funds. See a summary of our financial products and services here

Reseach into Financial Strategies. The Financial Strategies Team provides a unique financial knowledge base through solid research into potential investment opportunities. If you are in direct Investment management, or a financial management advisor, you can profit from working with us as financial planner. As our global research team expands further, we seek to associate with the best and brightest financial professionals with energy, personality and drive. You do not have to be a Portfolio manager, or a Stockbroker to value Securities research and general market research. As a business analyst you structure solutions also for the most difficult financial scenarios. Join our Financial Strategies team for research now!

Financial Consultants switch to better solutions.
A Relationship Managers is not just a financial intermediary, but a professional who can open for you a whole new world of finance! Financial advisors and executive officers of a big corporation alike, profit from close communication with our research team. A Relationship Manager delivers effective, market-leading advice based on solid research. Through this structure, we provide independent global advise with specialized financial expertise in a broad range of transactions. Join our team of consultants!

Our Investors Fund and Finance Opportunities! Not only on Wealth management issues we work with private and institutional investors and chief investment officers from around the globe. Through our research team we are always ahead of the market and spot exciting new investment opportunities for investors. A funder of projects, and a financier of an innovative business, profits from our ongoing research into the commercial and financial markets. Talk to one of our Executive officers now. As we expand our investors’ base we avail unmatched opportunities to qualified investors. If you have funds to invest, an interest to fund projects, or an interest in financing exceptional business opportunities, then you should be on our list. You are in good company with trust fund managers and treasurers of big corporations. Subscribe now!

Become a provider of financial services!
If you have checked our website and feel that the financial service that you can offer is even better than what we avail to our clients right now, then you should contact us and explain your possibilities. We are always open for alternative financial services, new and creative ideas to provide an even better service to our clients. Contact us now!

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We are the 'Selective Financial Services Provider' for you, a financial intermediary that performs a variety of Investment management services. This includes underwriting, acting as Financial management advisor, an intermediary and Financial Consultant facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, and is also acting as a broker, providing Wealth management for private investors and institutional clients.

EXPLANATION: Selective Financial Services Provider”: The role of the investment bank begins with financial services, pre-underwriting counselling and continues after the distribution of securities in the form of advice. To structure alternative financial services, Selective Financial Services employs Business analyst, Chief investment officers, Financial Consultants, Executive officers, financial planner. Selective Financial Services works with financiers performs securities research, together with portfolio managers, Stockbrokers, Treasurers, Trust fund managers. Selective Financial Services works with major Traders.

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