Project Funding Business Finance: Selective Financial Services provides funding strategies and funding for the expansion of innovative businesses, amongst other concepts through trade finance and Venture Capital. We structure asset based loans for sustainable energy, innovative environmental green economics projects through different financial concepts.

Project funding requirements from US$ 5 million to US$ 100 million are handled through Selective Financial Services, its associated financial institutions, or through private investors of our enterprise. There are no advance fees for project finance. Selective Financial Services is paid upon successful funding of your business or project. Structured finance transactions capable to offer above average returns are considered if a professional business plan, and proper due diligence is available. To present a project for funding, a project funding overview is required as outlined here.

Funding ECO Projects: Selective Financial Services’ global Financial Strategies Team is providing access to market leading banking and financial solutions, from simple transactional products to complex structured finance. It all starts with a first step. Upon receipt of your initial Project Funding Overview, we perform a brief financial analysis. If your project qualifies, we will request your business plan and have a look at due diligence already performed on your financial data outlook. Since we work with a solid base of private lenders we can structure the solution just right for you. To finance innovative business ideas we have venture capital solutions available for solar, photovoltaic and wind energy parks, hydro, biomass, geothermal as well as lately developed waste-to-energy projects. Start the process by sending us your Project Funding Overview.

Financial Instruments: If it is a simple loan against financial instruments that you require, we will analyze your dedicated financial product and suggest financial solutions to meet your business requirements. If you have a funder secured already and you require bank guarantees, or Standby letters of credit, or other financial instruments and securities to back up such a loan, then we can assist with our bank instrument leasing program.

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Selective Financial Services’ definition of 'Finance': The financial activities related to running a corporation, a division, or department that oversees the structured finance transactions, the financial activities of a company. Corporate finance is primarily concerned with maximizing shareholder value through long-term and short-term financial planning and the implementation of various strategies. Everything from capital investment decisions to asset based loans, investment banking, Funding, Project finance, project funding, trade finance, falls under the domain of corporate finance. The finance department of a company sometimes considers venture capital.

As a financial service company we suggest solid financial solutions available through Financial Advisors and private lenders. Among financial activities, a corporate finance department is involved in business loans, cash funds, crowd funding, debt funding which require capital investment decisions. Should a proposed investment be made in form of Equity finance or equity funding in form of an equity loan? At times Financial asset, financial instruments loans are available. Due diligence and financial analysis are a must before any decision is made. Environmental finance and green economics are important issues. Financial Advisors ask how should the company pay for it; with equity or with debt, or a combination of both? Should shareholders be offered dividends on their investment in the company? These are just some of the questions a corporate financial officer attempts to answer on a consistent basis. Short-term issues include the management of current assets and current liabilities, inventory control, investments and other short-term financial issues. Financing often is in form of loans against properties. Long-term issues include new capital and investments. Private lenders often offer more simple financial solutions.

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