Investment Opportunities and Investment Funds: Through our global network of Relationship Managers and, our general finance and funding activities, we regularly avail a wealth of extremely profitable alternative investment opportunities in sustainable, renewable, green energy projects and companies.
Qualified professional investors are invited to join as lead- or as co-investors in environment friendly eco projects. But if you have access to a Tir1 HYTP, a bank platform trading program, WE can avail additional funds that you might require.

Investments in Renewable Energy Projects are investments in the most substantial sector of energy industry today. The green sector is of increasing importance. Investment professionals, private equity managers as well as government officials and other specialists of the field are boosting green energy and further develop renewable energy sectors. Financing of alternative energy projects have gained the attention of important market players. Wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal as well as lately developed waste-to-energy projects, offer great opportunities for developers and investors to achieve satisfactory results and high returns on their investment. If such an investment is of interest to you, then you should be on our investor list. Send us an email and will inform you regularly of selective investment opportunities available as they come up and we will mail you our current listing.

Bank Secured Trade Program. If your financial planning includes participation in a bank secured investment program to which you have been invited by a Tir 1 platform trader, and want to start trading top 25 bank instruments, then we can help in providing additional funds that you might need for participation in a US $ 100 M to US$ 500 million investment trade program. An investment in high yield trading is considered a high yield private placement, a HYIP investment, or PPP program. For such a bank instrument trading program of buying and selling MTNs, also called Medium Term Notes Trading Program, we can avail funds in the format of a Blocked Funds confirmation issued by SWIFT MT 799 followed by a SWIFT MT 760 confirmation. Account verification can be arranged in line with your trader requirements. Such funds are available against payment of an arrangement fee only, and do not require that you share your profits with Selective Financial Services.

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Selective Financial Services defines 'Investment' as follows: Placing an investment is the provision of capital to a company in exchange for the possibility of earning a return on that capital, if the company is profitable. An investor is someone who makes a portfolio of alternative investments, and considers the Sustainable energy market. An Investor does not acquire any management interest in the company or any responsibility for the company's performance. A portfolio investment is a hands-off investment in TIR 1 platforms by a tir 1 trader. Clients of Selective Financial Services invest in so called hyip, high yield investment programs. They are also called HYTP, high yield trading programs.

Financial investment planning is important if a portfolio investment is placed in the form of stocks or corporate bonds in a trading program. This type of investment can be contrasted with direct investments, in which an individual actually participates in the business' operation at a high level. It can also be contrasted with a major purchase of the company's shares for the purpose of a takeover. Very often bank instruments are traded in an investment program, MTN, or medium term note trading program. Usually trading is in top 25 bank instruments issued by world banks in form of Bank Guarantees or SBLC, Standby Letters of Credit and Certificates of Deposit. A Platform trader requires account verification to accept an investor in a platform trading program. They are now also called TIR1 Trading or tir1 Platform trader.

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