Alternative Finance – When alternative Methods of Finance are required, we work with collateral providers to avail financial instrument leasing. Credit enhancement instruments back up loan transactions that require financial instruments as a form of supplementary collateral.
Through private lenders, we provide POF, Proof of Funds instruments to help you proof your financial capacity for business, or investment purposes. To back up credit lines through secondary collateral, enhancement instruments are made available in the form of bank guarantees, or an SBLC, a Standby Letter of Credit, an L/C or, a Blocked Funds- or Reserved Funds confirmation. Such instruments are issued by major world banks in New York, Hong Kong, London or Zurich, advised by SWIFT MT 799, and, are confirmed by SWIFT MT760.

Credit Enhancement and Bank Instrument Leasing:Alternative ways of finance might just be what you have been looking for. Selective Financial Services takes a comprehensive approach to alternative financial credit enhancement methods. A bank instrument for lease, issued under our credit enhancement program, could represent just one of the right financial solutions that we could discuss. As a financial service company we avail the credit enhancement services of reputable financial instrument providers. We work with providers of bank guarantees, standby letters of credit and other forms or enhancement instruments and securities. See details on bank guarantee leasing.

Blocked Funds Confirmation:If you wish to enter a HYI or PPP bank instrument trading program, and need additional Investment funds, we can arrange for you to show money through a POF, a Proof of Funds confirmation letter issued by a major world bank, or a financial institution. You can actually obtain and block money and get it confirmed through a Blocked Funds confirmation. Funds can be proven initially through tear sheet printout, and later on advised and blocked via a SWIFT message. See details on blocked funds.

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Our definition of 'Credit Enhancement' is a method whereby a company attempts to improve its debt or credit worthiness. Leased bank guarantees and leased SBLC are available through collateral providers. Through credit enhancement in form of a leased SBLC transmitted by swift mt760 the lender is provided with reassurance that the borrower will honor the obligation through additional collateral, insurance, or a third party guarantee. Credit enhancement reduces credit default risk of a debt, thereby increasing the overall credit rating and lowering interest rates. To obtain a credit enhancement instrument, usually a POF, a proof of funds is required first to get the process started.

'Credit Enhancement' is an alternative finance method used to obtain better terms for an outstanding debt. In a credit enhancement program, securitization is usually through a bank guarantee. A bank instrument for lease is available through Selective Financial Services. Posting collateral are financial solutions, and obtaining external credit enhancement such as a letter of credit are some basic forms of credit enhancement to obtain and secure credit lines for finance. A financial instrument provider through his financial service company provides Investment funds through private lenders. Providers of standby letters of credit avail credit enhancement which can be backed by Securities Firms may also increase cash reserves or take other internal measures to uphold superior solvency ratios. To enter a bank instrument trading program, an investor has to show money in form of a confirmation letter.

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